Welcome to Ponies & Paints! 
We are in the midst of rebuilding our website but please read on……..

Since 2005, Ponies & Paints has been bringing safe, beautiful ponies and our artistic and creative brand of face painting to parties, fairs, schools and corporate events. In 2020, we had to adapt. We are sad to inform you that we will no longer be a “traveling” pony ride service.

 On the flip side is the exciting announcement that we are offering a very private Pony Ride Experience at our farm in Santa Ynez!

While pony parties were exciting and fantastical, our Pony Experience is “real”.  Not only will you see the ponies during their normal everyday life (including dust, flies, mud, herd pecking order, etc.), you will learn what they eat, general pony facts, how they interact and what goes into caring for a pony on a day-to-day basis.

The Pony Experience is an hour long session during which parents can bring up to 4 children at a time to our farm to groom, decorate, lead and ride a pony. Helmets are provided. At the end of the hour, we will feed the horses and ponies a treat.  There will be plenty of photo opportunities but many families opt to put their phones and cameras away and enjoy being present and in the moment.  This is a gentle introduction to being around horses. Yours will be the only group on the property at a time. You will have the same instructor every time.

The owner, Christina Barnes, has been teaching riding lessons to children for 30 years. Her speciality is building confidence in children in a kind and fun way. With decades of horse training experience, a BS in Animal Science and 17 employed years at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, Christina is more than qualified to answer your horsey questions and provide an educational and safe experience. 
The Pony Experience has been a hit for many families since March of 2020 and many make it a monthly trip! Come on out! You will leave the farm relaxed and uplifted and your kids will too!
As the website develops, I will include more information.  But please visit Ponies & Paints Facebook page to get the entire scoop and current price schedule.  

To book a session, please call or text Christina during normal business hours

(805) 245-8428